Friday, March 17, 2006

Updates: Trach, Day ...3?

This is just a quick look for everyone at Thomas's status: trach is going well. He is not receiving oxygen, only humidified air into the trach, so that's a big relief. That means all his breathing parts are working (except the ones that the trach bypasses).

Yesterday he played all day - with no nap! - and was a charmer for the Dallas Morning News phtographer and reporter who came to see us Friday. (Look for an article sometime around Tuesday, probably in the Plano section) It was so nice to see him laughing and touching our faces with his open hand the way he loves to do.

Today he's more mellow, but maybe that's for the best. We want him all rested up so we can leave ICU as soon as possible (even though they've been very nice). He's being weaned with no problems from his sedatives and narcotics, and he's "eating" through the tube about what a kid his size would normally eat.

Next week we find out all sorts of things, I hope - like when we might leave the hospital, if they'll start chemo immediately or wait another week, whether or not we have to move to some other location for trach boot camp . . . I am really looking forward to getting some answers.

I didn't want to leave all of Thomas's fans hanging, so that's the fast news.

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