Monday, April 17, 2006


At first, after talking to nurses who had worked with trach patients, I expected to go home with a huge room full of whirring machines with dials and needles. You'll be glad to hear - not as glad as I was, but glad - it's nothing like that.

Since Thomas can get oxygen through his trach just fine, that really slimmed down our equipment list. Other than the trach itself, which is small and which he conveniently carries on his person, there’s the machine that atomizes heated, humidified air and pushes it through a tube for him at night, and there’s a machine for suctioning gunk out of his little throat when he needs it.

The air compressor is the size of a sewing machine, and the suction machine is slightly larger than an old-fashioned camera case. The only other major equipment is a small food pump, which is only slightly smaller and heavier than a VHS tape. So it’s not too bad.

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At 12:41 PM, Blogger Trish McManus said...

Hey Thomas it was so good to see you Sunday and see your sweet little smile. I hope you had a wonderful easter.

Love ya Nana


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