Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Thomas Update

Things are better. Thomas’s counts are just peachy, and he’s rarin’ to get out of his crib. It’s like he’s been determined to catch up on any developmental ground he might have lost this month – he’s holding himself up to sit and grab toys, and he’s using his new pincer grasp to gently dismantle almost everything connected to him. Thomas even got a new workout – he pushes up on the mirror in his crib, putting his own mouth on the baby’s in the reflection. I understand – I can’t help but kiss that little face, too.

We’re still in the hospital, but it’s mainly to work out his feeding schedule. He had started throwing up after just about every feeding while we were home, and it continued for the first few days in the hospital.

I guess a lot of people throw up because of chemo, but because Thomas has a trach, it’s different. Throw-up comes out from around the trach, which is really scary to watch, and it’s even scarier because he could easily choke on his vomit. So I’m more than happy to have the doctors keep an eye on him until we can figure all of that stuff out.
That’s the story for now.

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At 10:26 PM, Blogger Peggy said...

We do not know each other. I recieved your blog addy from my mother who is a friend of Ronee. All I can say is that my heart goes out to you and your family. May God watch over you and your beautiful son. My prayers are with you both and little Thomas.
Peggy Willis
Austin Tx


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