Wednesday, May 31, 2006

(and a chef and a trainer, and a live-in nanny/nurse...)

It's still a world record. Thomas has gone almost two weeks out of the hospital. That's twice as much as we've been home since the very beginning of March.

Thomas does seem to like it here - he has this great quilt that his "aunt" Kaitlin made him, and he sits on it in the living room every day and does important baby business, like eating books and hitting his tambourine. He did have an earache this weekend, but he's raring to go now.

Thomas still isn't crawling, but he went from sitting to laying down the other day, and then rotated 360 degrees on his belly. I watched him do it, and then I looked around the living room at all the breakables and things with sharp edges at baby-eye level. I'm really looking forward to him crawling, in a "How on earth am I going to stay ahead of this guy?" kind of way.

When we're not teaching Thomas about the musical mysteries of spoons and half-filled water bottles, we've got a few other things to tend to. Keeping track of Thomas's equipment is almost as much work as keeping track of Thomas himself. I called our three suppliers this morning to get all of our refills for the week, and Scott and I had a "business meeting" this morning to compare notes on upcoming doctor's appointments, bills, and house repairs in the works. Now if I could just hire a secretary, we'd be all set. . .

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At 10:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarah and Scott,

You both continue to amaze me with your attitude and strength. Thank you for being so transparent with all of your challenges and blessings. You have reminded me what a good habit that is! God bless all three of you. I love reading your updates.

Andi Weathersbee

At 1:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys have been through so much, and now it's on to some of the normal craziness of a child on the move. Congrats!

At 7:40 AM, Blogger Lady of Shalott said...

May your weekend be pleasantly normal! Mr. Lambert is a pretty handy guy, so if you need simple home repairs, he's your man. Trish can get a hold of us - just let us know...

Smiles, hugs and special blessings,
Debra Lambert


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