Saturday, May 13, 2006

Counting Blessings

We lucked out, over all. Studies show that having divorced parents usually stinks bigtime. In our families, however, Scott’s and my parents’ divorces have only multiplied the love and attention Thomas gets. On Mother’s Day, I am grateful to be a mom and I am really grateful to have backup:

First, of course, there’s my mom, Thomas’s Oma. My mom was the second person I called when this all started – right after Scott and right before my friend Taryn, sitter of dogs and commander of friends*. I couldn’t get hold of Scott right away, and the idea of sitting in the waiting room by myself was unimaginable. It’s funny, my whole like, when I was hurt or scared all I wanted was to be alone to figure it out. Since Thomas was born, and I have been legally the Official Grown Up, I have been looking for hands to hold anywhere I can find them.

I did find Scott finally, but Mom came to the hospital anyway, with snacks and water bottles for our long wait.** She’s been at our side ever since. She has spent the night at our house and the hospital to give us a break, made us dinners, and she was the one who kept up with our huge extended family for us during the hard beginning. She has cried and prayed at home so that she could be a strong presence for us when she’s with us, and I don’t know how I would’ve done this without her.

Thomas’s Meemaw, Scott’s mom, was up here yesterday. She’s a hairdresser in Odessa, Texas. Her clients are the kind of people who have come to her for a wash and style once a week for decades. She must be breaking their little hearts with Thomas stories because every week someone in that neck of the woods puts money in our Wells Fargo account. When she’s not lobbying local churches to hold raffles for us, she’s also a great cook, and she made Scott green chili (stewed beef with green sauce ….soooo goooood) the last time she was here. “That’s the kind of support I’m talking about,” said Scott.

Now, Scott and I were lucky to have stepmoms we like to begin with. But both of them have been really amazing grandmas. My dad’s wife, Thomas’s Nana (poor kid, it’s going to take forever for him to learn all their names) isn’t nearly old enough to have a grandbaby but she has really outdone herself in caring for Thomas. In addition to eagerly offering to sit with Thomas any time she could, she even came up to the hospital to take a CPR class so that she could babysit Thomas after he got his trach. She helped us get a ton of financial questions answered at the beginning of all of this mess, and most of all she is taking care of my dad, who is facing a tough year all around.

Finally, there’s Honey. We call Scott’s dad’s wife Honey because she is just that sweet. I love when she visits because I know my arms will be free and Thomas will be getting sung to, or tickled, or talked to with that sweet south Louisiana accent. Honey’s an oncology nurse, too, so she has been terribly helpful in sorting so many of these complicated conversations that we have with the doctors up here. After a couple particularly difficult and important conversations, we just gave the doctors her phone number, knowing that she would ask good questions, nicely, and be able to clear it up for us, God bless her.

These are the women who are praying Thomas through each day. I’m glad there’s a day on the calendar for me to celebrate them. . . . and I’m hoping that bragging on them will make up for the lack of cards and flowers . . . Love y'all!

*(I could do a whole piece on Taryn-as-junior-mom, but another time…)
**If you’ve seen The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, think of Mrs. Beaver and her packing a picnic basket as they run away from the White Witch. The women in my family work like that.

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At 6:02 AM, Anonymous taryn said...

I'm starting my day with a tear in my eye after reading that. Happy 1st Mother's Day! :-)

At 8:57 AM, Blogger Mrs. Bick said...

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At 9:03 AM, Blogger Mrs. Bick said...

Technical glitch, sorry!

Happy First Mother's Day!

(We are 2 blessed mommas to have women like Meemaw and Honey in our lives!)

At 9:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of the two of you! Happy Mother's day Sarah!


At 3:32 AM, Blogger kate5kiwis said...

love that photo.. thomas you are one cute kid!!! lots of love and prayers...
:o) kate in new zealand.

At 12:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He looks like the wisest baby in the world....
Happy late m's day...
love, mel


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