Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday Update

It was a pretty good weekend, Thomas-wise. The TPN (intravenous nutrition through his port) seems to be going well, and we're definitely enjoying seeing his adorable face without the NG tube stuck to the side.

One highlight was that Thomas got up on all fours on Friday. At least, Scott swears he did but I must merely believe in faith. He's been a roller, not a crawler so far, so this is an exciting development.

He's looking a lot better these days, too - he's over whatever infection he had and looks all pink and happy the way he should. We had two more doctors who hadn't seen him come in and tell us how remarkably cute he is. I'm going to make him a shirt that says, "5 out of 5 doctors agree - No One's as Cute as Me!" because it's true, although not grammatically imperfect.

Today, we've had a bit of a bummer. We were set to go home today, maybe, but he threw up this morning a couple times. He also seems to be having a reaction to a medicine he's been taking to suppress secretions in his trach. So, it's another day at least and ... We'll see. I'll keep you updated.

Finally, thanks thanks again to Francie Johnson and her mom Gayle and all the PISD families, club sponsors, band members, cheerleaders, club members, and Plano restaurants who came out and donated for Sunday's spaghetti dinner. They raised over $3000. We couldn't be more grateful. Thanks, everybody!

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At 11:11 PM, Blogger Rhonda said...

that's wonderful about the dinner and how well it went. horrible about being in the hospital so long. You definately need to get the shirt that says that because that would be TOO CUTE... i mean cause Thoms definately is THAT CUTE. i'll be updating my camera phone pictures soon and i'll send you the SUPER cute ones of thomas that i have. :) i love u.

At 7:31 PM, Blogger Kellee said...

Go "T", Go "T", Go "T"! You know your life changes all over again with a mobile child, right? Get ready!!

Also, congrats on the money thing!


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