Tuesday, May 09, 2006

There is nothing cool about our situation. I'll be the first in line to make that t-shirt. But one of the cool things we've experienced as a resulof peoplele hearing about Thomas's sickness is a lot of compassion from kids. It's been very moving.

For example, the morning the article came out in the Dallas Morning News, we got a PayPal donation of around two dollars. The accompanying note said something like, "My five-year-old son saw Thomas's picture in the paper and wanted to donate his allowance this week."

And then there's Francie, who chose to celebrate her coming of age in faith by raising money for Thomas. And then there are the many, many clubs and organizations and classes from schools around town who have chosen to donate to us instead of doing whatever they would've done with an extra $50 - $500 at the end of the year. The truth is, I'm afraid to start listing all the different groups because I'll forget one; there have been so many.

And then today, one of the winners of the science fair at Jasper donated his winnings to Thomas. He brought the check to my room and I busted out crying, which is just about the least nice response a high school boy could ask for.

It's just that I remember making my first* money from writing. I was fifteen and it seemed so momentous and important and I took forever deciding what to do with it.**

And all I had done was write a poem, but science fair winners in Plano have survived a cut-throat competition. After dedicating themselves to a project all year long, the winners have every right to be extremely proud of themselves. They should see their awards as a down payment on an exciting science career. So imagine how impressed and blessed I was that a teen in this position would be willing to hand that symbol over to my little guy.

Grown-ups have done a lot for Thomas, but where the kids are involved, I feel like it's seeping into Thomas's bones and making him stronger and better. I wish kids didn't have so many germs -- I'd bring Thomas around and have him hug each and every one.

* Also, notably, my last
**I bought a Sting CD and a cappuccino. So much for deliberation.

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At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Dee said...

Thank you so very much, Sarah, for taking time to write a message on Mother's Day. This was MY first Mother's Day as a grandmother. So I know how MUCH LOVE Thomas is receiving from ALL of his grandma's!! How wonderful to read of all their support. You just cannot stop us from helping! You did a wonderful job with your "bragging"! May the Lord bless all of you richly in every way.


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