Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Thomas Update

Thomas is doing much better. He played a lot yesterday and today, and he hasn't run a fever this weekend at all. It's looking like he'll be in good shape to start chemo on Monday or Tuesday.

Earlier This Week, I said:
Well, we almost made it to our next scheduled appt. Thomas was admitted in the wee hours of this morning with a 104 fever. It appears to be a blood infection, which sounds scary but since they know what it is now, they're a lot less worried. And when they're less worried, I'm less worried. In the new, A.T. sense of the word. We'll be in the hospital for a while, waiting for this to blow over and then for the chemo. I'm glad we took T outside a bit while we had the chance.

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At 12:50 PM, Blogger Lady of Shalott said...

I'm in complete agreement - this stinks! Praying that God will put His hands on you three and alleviate the "stinky" situation,

Prayers and blessings,
Debra Lambert


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