Friday, June 16, 2006

4 Things, 4 Notes, 3 Links, & a Preview

Thing One: Thomas is back in the hospital. He had what we are pretty sure is a re-recurrance of the infection he's had before. We had a rough day on Wednesday as we were waiting for Thomas's fever to spike or go down, although I tried to remind myself that at least we were having a rough day in our pajamas*.

We took him in to the ER that afternoon, finally, and he's received a transfusion and has pinked and perked right up. Today, he PULLED UP IN THE CRIB. I'd stepped into the bathroom and when I came back he was standing and looking at me like, "Huh huh. . . cool, huh?" We are so not ready for a gymnast patient.

Thing Two: We will be raffling tickets for two quilts (one of which is here), handmade by exactly the kind of sweet little lady you'd want to have made your quilt, from this site starting Wednesday of next week. **

Thing Three: Fans of Thomas will be pleased to note that he has been featured in his father's hometown paper, the Van Horn Advocate, somewhere down the page under the prize-winning cabbage. We've already received several sweet emails sharing concern for mon petit chou.***

Thing Four: Fans of Thomas and his writerish mama will be pleased to note that we have an article in this month's Baylor Line, our alumni e-magazine that mentions several of our dear friends who helped us out in the tough beginning of our story...and there's a cute photo of T and me by the lovely, the talented Roxana Perdue. ****

*See previous post about why we appreciate our pjs.
** Just as soon as I make sure that's legal
*** (my little cabbage)
****It's by no means an exhaustive list of fabulous helper-friends

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At 9:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From jB

By the way, Scott happy Father's day. I am so proud to know all that you do for Thomas on a daily basis. Love you.

By the way, Shelia wrote about you to in tribute to Dads.


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