Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hi there

Blue skies abound these days. It's still cancer - two ER runs in the last couple weeks, still connected to the feeding tube almost all day, still going in for radiation at the butt crack of dawn every morning, but ...everything is better. As you can see.

My hands are really full, though, trying to get the house reorganized - taking down the TPN supplies that overran the house, re-childproofing for our little cruiser, and catching up on six months' worth of chores. ** And we even Thomas on his first road trip this weekend - we saw some out of town friends and prairie dogs. Fun times.

But I haven't had time to write. So here is the financial info for right now, as far as we know.

A) Insurance: Scott and I were both already covered by indepent plans to begin with. Thomas is now on Medicaid, and I think they're even going to back-date it. This means, for one thing, I don't have to pay for the daily ambulance rides from last month, the cost of which was keeping me up at night.

B) Medicaid covers everything. It's so weird. When I was a contributing member of society, a do-gooding professional, even regular medical emergencies were a huge strain and our major source of debt. Now that we're both unemployed, looking for small-time shift work, our son's catastrophic bills are completely covered. It's unreal. I'm grateful, but it just doesn't seem like that's how the system should work.

C) Totals: So right now, our medical bills are around, I think, thirty or forty thousand. Honest, I lost count. But there are some appeals and things I'm doing with our former insurance company and the docs to see if we can't work something more realistic out. I'm considering a conference call between my student loan people and the insurance company. "Peter, " I'll say, "Meet Paul."

We can rely on saved donations to support us as we get jobs. In January or maybe summer, we'll make a new plan in terms of our lives, careers, etc., but we're just going to kind of patch a few part-time jobs together until our lives are more stable.

D) Jobs: Cental Market doesn't want me. I'm so sad. Is it because I'm an obsessive fan? Is it because they're afraid I'll malinger in the granola aisle, grinning happily? Anyway, we're working on it. Took a week off, and now are applying this week.

E) Poorness: You know what's great about being home from the hospital, though? We can save money. I used to be really good at being poor in college. We're certainly not "poor" right now, thanks to all of our supporters, but constantly going in and out of the hospital has been incredibly frustrating to budget and plan for. We have to eat on the run, buy highly packaged groceries so expensive veggies don't go bad . . . all the things you shouldn't do when you're trying to save money. Now that we're home all the time, we can live smaller. It's a relief.

F) Thomas: Doing so great. He is bright eyed and racing around, almost standing, almost into everything in the whole house. We've got ten more radiation days and then a swallow study coming - more on that later.

Thanks for your time and care. More to come.

**Speaking of, anyone out there a tree cutter-downer? We attacked our ash out back with the chain saws right before Thomas was born, but we didn't grind the stump. I just saw the tops of the tree peeking out over the back roof this morning. Gee whiz. I think it's time to call in a professional, but it costs a fortune. Anyone got an "in"?

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At 6:43 PM, Blogger Mrs. Bick said...

FYI... We had a tree trimmed in May by "Lumberjack Tree Service" (I know... funny how the name and the job go together!) They were fast and reasonable. (972) 495-0606.(If that doesn't fly, check with me, I have another friend who might be connected! )

Glad the trip to was good. Long overdue, if you ask me!

*careful with the Peter/Paul thing... student loans NEVER go away, and the government will come to get you! (And who needs them breathing down your neck!)

Glad there are some more bright spots these days.

Be it ever so humble (and in our case: crumbled, dusty, strewn with toy bits, and smushed Fruit Loops) there's no place like home!

At 7:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well, im certainly glad that you are home!
im glad you guys got time to get away, i KNOW it was good for you all.
i love you greatly!

*aunt Rhonda


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