Thursday, October 12, 2006

Single Person Appreciation Day

First, let me say that Thomas is still doing well. He was so smiley yesterday - everything seems to crack him up. And he's got this little "Hah!" now that he adds when something's particularly funny (or new, or interesting, or needing to pay attention to him, or going away, or . . . ). It was a good day.

Second of all, I have decided to use my forum here to declare Single People Appreciation Day for tomorrow. Now, married people have been super helpful to us. Our married friends's pocketbooks are more or less the way we got through the first couple months of this ordeal, and they have offered practical help over and over again. It's just that they have each other to appreciate, on designated days, like their anniversaries or Valentine's Day. They don't get overlooked. Same thing with our amazingly helpful family - they have Mother's Day and Grandparents' day and things like that (hmm. When is Grandparents' Day? Crap!).

Our single friends have really knocked themselves out this last year, and it irks me that there isn't an official way to call them out. Here are some examples of things single folk did:

  • Were always generally available for dog and house-sitting and eating food that I'd cooked and was really excited about
  • Cooked for me and kept the house neat when I was in my miserable first trimester
  • Cheered me up with magazines and visits when I was on bed rest last July
  • Spread the word when Thomas was born so I didn't have to make/take a dozen phone calls
  • Sprang into action after we called from the ER in March, making sure our dogs were taken care of, to begin with, and
  • Organized all our friends into bringing meals so we were supplied but not bothered w/ calls
  • Visited us in the hospital, which was a scary thing to do at first, and
  • Brought snacks and granola and silly magazines and Soduku * and good cheer
  • Watched Thomas in the hospital sometimes so we didn't go totally nuts
  • Threw the going-away party for our friend Sandy that she totally deserved, which is a favor to me because if it hadn't been done right, it'd've broken my heart
  • Have been available on short notice to hang out (we have such an unpredictable schedule)
  • Haven't gotten exhausted by all the stuff we've needed from them
So I am declaring tomorrow Single People Appreciation Day (SPAD). Next year, I declare that it will be on Oct. 4th, St. Francis day (he was single and seems to have known how to have a good time), but I didn't think of it 'til this week.

Your job, dear reader, is to think about your unmarried siblings, your coworkers, etc. and how they dogsit or babysit or are available to go out for a drink on short notice. Pat them on the back and say, "Hey, man, thanks!" and maybe give them a Starbucks card, or whatever thing you usually do on second-tier holidays like Bosses' Day.

Or if you are a person with a limited budget and you know a lot of helpful single people, maybe you could just put a card in the mail. That'd be ok.

*although, our married friend Tim wins the magazine prize, with his offering of a years' back issues of American Farmer

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At 1:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

did i mention i love you

*aunt rhonda

At 5:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post! I agree with you completely. There are so many wonderful single people, who may not realize we appreciate them. God is certainly using you and your blog - all things work together for good, don't they? But it is often hard to see that.

I'm still praying for little Thomas and his family. Stay strong in the Lord.

At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi meestar bickle hows thomas doing? and did u enjoy my comic?

At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Aunt Kaitlin said...

you guys have earned a pretty high rank on my top five list of married-people-worth-spending-time-with-even-if-it-means-i-break-plans-with-other-single-people.

sorry i couldn't get it together for a visit with my mom. she felt bad that we didn't make it a priority. i assured her that y'all understand the "que sera sera" philosophy. i guess you'll just have to go to Washington with me sometime soon.

love you!

aunt kait

At 12:46 PM, Anonymous taryn said...

thanks for being cool and not being a "smug married"!

At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

Your comic totally ROCKED and I kept it and showed it to my wife. Thanks.

-Meestar Beekul


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