Wednesday, January 31, 2007

You know when Charlie Brown Makes that Sound...: "Augh!!

So, I went back to the gym the other day. It's been, let us say, a while. I walk a lot at my job, so I got onto the Stairmaster feeling brave. Level 4 is a setting which, mid-cancer, would have set me to near-asthmatic wheezing. This evening it was more like a brisk morning walk in the hill country.

I pressed the up button, to level 5. And started running. And running. And leaping. Finally, I had to leap up on to the top of the machine, clinging for dear life while I flailed for the "stop" button and the stairs tumbled on under me.

This last week has felt like that, except in a less funny way. No cancer problems, but things have been hard for Scott. He developed carpal tunnel syndrome some years ago, (A lasting injury was something the Marine Corps failed to do but delievering Cokes for 3 months? -Gotcha!) and it has really been flaring up the last two weeks. As in, he started not being able to feel his fingers and waking up in pain at night, even through the painkillers.

We find out tomorrow what kind of deal we can work with his insurance, the doctors, the surgeon, and those pesky anaesthesiologists to see if we can't get this wrapped up without wiping out a mortgage payment. In the mean time, I'm on the night shift with Thomas, and on pins and needles.

2007, we may have to make a t-shirt about you, too.

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At 1:23 PM, Anonymous Aunt Kaitlin said...

Oh we're gonna make a t-shirt about 2007 and it's gonna be good. you got that? good.

i uhhv ouoo.

aunt kaitlin


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