Monday, July 30, 2007

Love and Money

Two things:

1) Thomas has a couple more scans scheduled this week. We will know what's next - surgery dates, etc., between the end of this week and early next.

2)Money - a quick update, as I have noticed a couple donations come in, and as always that is both very, very, encouraging and terribly awkward.

We are gaining stability after a year that was as financially heart-stopping as it was medically. These days, I am working at Southwest Airlines as a contractor. I'm making more than I was teaching (I'm sure you can imagine: this is not hard to do) but the trade-off is the lack of stability.

As long as I don't miss very much work through this time, and as long as SWA still needs me, we can pay our bills. And we're trying to set money aside should my contract come to a close.

All the donations we got last year did what I think they were meant to do. They kept us in the house and kept us from going under as Thomas's repeated hospitalizations -and all day/night needs - disrupted everything about our lives.

One particular nightmare have eased up for me: I don't see us pushing Thomas and all his medical gear to our cardboard home in a shopping cart any time soon. OK, that's a little dramatic, but I was certain that was coming when we first realized Scott would have to quit working. But you all rescued us.

There are really only two reasons why I'm leaving the PayPal account up - first, we were really hoping Scott could student teach in the fall for three months. Cancer has prevented that twice already, and ...I just think everyone we know is tapped out, but if Bill Gates comes a'knockin', I'd tell him that we could use enough money to pay someone to stay with Thomas while Scott did his 12 weeks.

Scott getting his certification completed at last would make life after cancer, whenever we get there, more secure. (Thomas can't go to day care during chemo; we're trying to figure out how to get someone into our home during that time).

Still, it's a dream, not a need. We know that. And Thomas's care might get too complicated any way.

The second reason is a hard one. We just don't know how things will go. We are back on our feet, but it wouldn't take much to knock us down. So, I'll leave the link up. We might need your help. and know, if we get desperate, maybe someone can locate Mr. Gates.

Thanks for walking through this ridiculous time with us.

*"Dear Mr. Gates: Also, my mom could totally use a vacation. From, Sarah"

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At 10:07 PM, Anonymous Kelly Underwood (Kreutz) said...

My son is my world. My heart wretched the first day I was ever away from him. I cried because he is every bit of me and without him I felt severed. Now, as I read your blogs, I realize that I didn't even fathom your pain until I reflected on it after the birth of my son, Liam. I remember holding Thomas on New Years Eve years ago and thinking how beautiful he is. I wanted a son in that moment. Now that I do have Liam, I have a better understanding about the mystery of that love, and in many ways, God's too. My thoughts are with you-

At 3:46 AM, Blogger FunkyMonkeyJunk said...

(((((Sarah, Scott, and Thomas)))))


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