Wednesday, August 08, 2007


So, here’s a shot in the dark, and one that seems totally diminished by the spectre of surgery on Friday, but … I can’t ignore life after cancer, even if it seems like it’ll never come.

Anyone got some free time? Scott is starting student teaching in a couple of weeks, but he can’t do it unless we get someone to take care of Thomas. It would be for 12 weeks. Thomas will be taking one pill a day for chemo, and will have some check-up doctor visits, but now that his trach is out, he should be just be a regular boy with less energy than usual (which is still a lot!).

What we need is a highly functional, energetic person with no job, some common sense, and, hopefully, with no or 1 kid at home, as Thomas will have a compromised immune system and we’ll be trying to limit his contact with germs. (Or you could come to our house).

We can pay, more than minimum wage, but not that much more. Email me if you have a real genuine offer– I have my hands full and need to consider serious, checked-out offers only. (This is totally no offense to people who have discussed ideas with us prior to this post. It's just that this kind of thing tends to invite randomness, and we're running out of time.)

In conclusion, you should know that Thomas is totally cool and fun to hang out with. He likes to throw acorns into grass and, if you are lucky, will play you some of his songs on his keyboard. Just so's you know.


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At 9:32 PM, Blogger Lizard said...

Praying for the right person for your family!!


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