Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Sound Sleep

For those waiting to hear how it's going, it's going SLOWLY. We still have not started chemo. It took probably -no exaggeration - 24 hours of Scott's and my time to get him insurance that would start on time, and just today it has take 6 more to try to get the prescriptions not ordered, but begun-to-be-ordered. So, maybe this week, maybe not. We'll let you know.

But in the meantime, Thomas is sleeping in his big boy bed for the first time tonight. We decided that the best way to fight a crib climber is to eliminate obstacles. Clearly, they only egg him on.

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At 9:14 PM, Blogger Dalene (daWRETCH!) said...

Sarah & Scott & Thomas, Hey... I'm staying in touch by checking your blogs often. You're in my thoughts and prayers. I so wish there was something more I could do to help. I love you - love you. Big, Gentle Hugs and Ease in all your "approvals." Cheers - Dalene

At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay for big boy beds!
Now Sophia wants one with a "ladder".
Help us all.

At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope all is well. I hope everyone's getting ready for the exciting time's in Thomas' life.


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