Monday, November 05, 2007

In the Big House

Hey, quick note to people looking for us: Thomas is doing ok, but he did go into the hospital on Sunday. He ran a fever off and on over the weekend, and then he started to look really weak Sunday morning, so in we went.

We sat in the ER all day to find out that it's nothing too serious, but his white blood cells counts were pretty low. They gave me all kinds of neutrophil and lymphosyte counts, but I'm too out of practice to remember what the good numbers are. Besides, he wasn't that sick - he was keeping my attention away from Biology 101 pop-quizzes (that stuff will come up, kids!) and on his attempts to tear the phone off the wall.

We got a nice, bright room where Thomas will be for a day or two for observation and antibiotics. He had enough energy to ride around the floor on his little three-wheeler before bedtime last night, so I am thinking this will be a short trip.

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At 2:41 PM, Anonymous Megan Longo said...

Thank Goodness! (Oh yeah, I am your old science student from Hendrick. Megan Longo.) I havn't checked up in awhile and I got worried. Mrs.Holland is having a baby and I was talking about it. Then all of a sudden I screamed, "SPEAKING OF BABIES HOW IS THOMAS?!" and I flew on the pc to see whats up. Thank you for the report I'm relived.


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