Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pretend I Posted This Last Thursday:

Even before we went into the hospital, last week kind of bit the big one. We're doing better now, but out of gratefullness to our rescuers I thought I'd post this retroactive, belated entry from last week.

Also, Thomas is doing better and therefore we are much more cheerful, too


I’m sure you can imagine that I only write here the things that I can manage in my head. My real fears and a lot of our worst moments are too heavy and raw to be handled in this kind of forum.

Overall, I think we’ve been pretty tough-minded about Thomas’s cancer. We cry when we have to, and we focus on the short term. We do what has to be done with minimal complaining and only enough drama to keep us from imploding.*

Truth is, though, my ability to keep my head in this outrageous game is weaker all the time. Last Wednesday Scott called me to tell me that he’d left the pharmacy empty-handed: the chemo drugs Thomas is taking for this round aren’t covered. We needed to come up with around $300 immediately.

I went into motion; where Scott’s magic cancer skill is charming home medical equipment into working, mine is whispering cooperation into the souls of the bureaucrats in charge of Thomas's care. Hours of waiting on hold and frustrating phone calls were to no avail; there was flat out no money for those drugs, anywhere.

Last year, I would have launched a write-in campaign to get the drugs covered or written a compelling blog entry about our needs. But I’m working. I’ve been doing this a long time. I’m tired. I cried.

Fortunately, I cried to the right friends and family members. I continue to think I have plumbed the depth of public generosity for Thomas’s case, and I continue to be wrong.

We had the next several months of chemo covered within a few hours. -And then Scott just managed to find a very part-time evening job that will put us in position to budget for the medicine ourselves before too long.

...So we’re ok for now. We're terribly grateful, as always. It just . . .

Cancer, you are getting old.

*many of you may know that, for me, this is quite a wide loophole...

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At 10:38 AM, Blogger Dalene (daWRETCH, Auntie-Day, DeeNeen...!) said...

Oh Sarah dear, and Scott and precious Thomas, how I wish I could help with dough, but as you know, I have none myself. BUT I DO KEEP PRAYING, and a lot, often with thankfulness, thanking God for being WITH you each moment and providing and protecting. May God continue to hold you gently-so-tight in his mighty loving arms. You ARE courageous, you SO are; and the big-ugly-one WON'T win, nuh-uh! I love you dearly, Big Hugs, -Dalene

At 3:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's a rich girl...and she don't try to hide it...she's got diamonds on the souls of her shoes.

At 7:10 AM, Blogger Thomas, as told to Sarah said...

hee hee good point, Melita.


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