Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shaking It, and Be Still My Heart

When I first took Thomas to day care, he was itty-bitty. Eight weeks old: bed rest had eaten up my maternity leave. They gave me a form to fill out that covered his eating and sleeping habits, his likes and dislikes.

I suddenly felt terrible – I had no idea what his likes and dislikes were. What kind of mother can’t answer such a simple question? I agonized a bit and finally put “Likes: being held. Dislikes: getting his face washed." I guess I was going for partial credit.

Thomas’s personality has bloomed a bit since he was a tiny, hungry thing. I make a little list every night in my head of what he seemed to like and dislike that day. It changes, but we’ve got the main idea:

Likes: Things with wheels. Jumping. Things that jump. Tap-dancing on TV. Drums. People playing stringed instruments or brass. Music with a good beat. Dancing. Dogs. Making people laugh. Putting things in a row. The “mail’s here” part of each Blue’s Clues episode. Visiting our neighbors.

Dislikes: Trash on the floor (he always hands it to us like, “Here, I think this is for you,”). Not being the center of attention. Green or red foods. That whiney Baby Bear on Sesame Street. People being sad on TV. Our neighbors not being home to answer the door. Getting his face washed.

The past week, he’s bee a lot more sensitive to noise and disruption. He’s so grouchy, and there are a lot more items on the dislikes list than usual. We hate that TV is at the center of our family life, but hitting anything on the “likes” list lifts our spirits.

Last night, everything we did was the wrong thing and nothing entertained him for long. Finally, right before bedtime, we found the optimum morphine dose right as Blue’s Clues started. Halfway through the show, Thomas heard, “Mail’s here!” and spun around with his eyes wide. “Maizeer!” he said, wiggling his bottom and swinging his fists along with the show. We sang the song and I danced, too. This, I like.

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At 9:48 PM, Blogger kate5kiwis said...

here's the mail
it never fails
it makes me wanna
wag my tail...

is that still the song?
in our day, it was Steve on BC.
now it's Joe.
Joe really isn't Steve, it kinda put us off...
love that Thomas had a sparkly end to his day X

At 5:06 AM, Blogger Mel said...

No one is Steve like Steve.
Joe is just a poor man's excuse for Steve.

I just have the feeling we knew Steve at college. He hung out at the RTF building, worked as a DJ at the radio station, went to Weezer concerts, and played at Barry's for extra money.

At 6:42 AM, Blogger The Monkey Attack Victim said...

If Thomas in interested, tonight on Step It Up and Dance (hosted by Jesse "I'm So Excited" Spano), they will be doing step. Or stomp. It was hard to tell from the preview. But there should be stomping, good beats and I bet someone jumps at some point.


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