Saturday, September 13, 2008

Epilogue #2

Just so's you know - we are doing well. We are remodeling the living room*. Scott is starting a new job Monday. We are starting to get out and about a bit. We're still sort of stilled from our vacation. We're sad. It's good. Or at least, it's all welcome.

*This is fair a compromise from our first instinct, which was to add to the end of the memorial service program the invitation: "Family is welcome to join us for a short ceremony in which we will explode the house into frickin' smithereens," and the impulse to see even the walls as a souvenir of our life with Thomas.

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At 9:24 AM, Blogger Jenn @ Casa de Castro said...

I've followed Thomas' story for a long while but rarely commented. My heart is still so heavy for what your family has endured. I'm glad you are finding your way to a "new normal."

You may already know about this site, but I wanted to tell you in case you didn't. offers a way to take your blog - photos and comments and all - and "slurp" it up into a hard-bound book. I've seen a friend's blog that was transformed in this way, and it provided her with a beautiful and long lasting, tangible remembrance. I don't know if you have an interest in that or not, but wanted to let you know the option is out there in case you are. Here's a link.

Blessings to you both. You remain in my prayers.


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